Kinemaster Mod Apk 2021 Download Updated Version

Kinemaster Mod Apk is an android app used for video editing without a watermark. It is a fully unlocked mobile app. Kinemaster mod has a premium version which is a very useful tool for video editing without watermark. But its free version has a drawback it missing some features. Its free version gives watermark when editing. Kinemaster mod is a fully professional app for android for editing a multi-layer of videos, text, and images. You can get multi layers audios and videos, 3D transitions, effects and volume control without any watermark.

Kinemaster mod APK is a very simple android app that is used for all kinds of mobile video editing rather than computer editors. It also has chroma key functions.

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Main Features of Kinemaster Mod APK

  • It gives no watermark.
  • It provides a preview before downloading.
  • It edits multiple layers of video clips, text, images, and stickers.
  • Provide step by step cutting, trimming and slicing the videos.
  • It supports all versions.
  • It gives brightness to the videos.
  • For video clips it controls speed.
  • Volume envelop for sound control during each moment of video clips.

It also gives transitions effects like fade-in, fades out, 3D transitions and wipes.

Kinemaster Mod APK Download

This android app is very simple and easy to download. Kinemaster mod APK has not forked or coded. So, it does not harm your privacy. Different anti-virus apps like AVAST, Norton, Shield, and AVG is used for its file scanning. So, we can say that this app is safe to download it is free from any malware or malicious attacks.

How to download No watermark Kinemaster Mod APK?

To download Kinemaster Mod APK no watermark follows the following steps.

  • The first step is enabling all unknown sources in Android.
  • From download links download the files.
  • Go to the file location and locate the file.
  • Then install Kinemaster mod APK on your android.
  • After installation opens the Kinemaster app and make necessary settings.
  • This is done now start video editing.

How to enable unknown sources on android to install the app?

  • Go to androids’ main settings.
  • Click on the lock screen and security settings button.
  • Simple tick the box from this menu.
  • Then press “ok” or “on” the unknown sources.

Kinemaster mod download

Background data of Mod APK

It is highly recommended that to disable Kinemaster Mod APK data while downloading. Due to device configuration settings, this app is not working properly if the mobile data is “on” on the background. So, while using this app turn off the mobile data on all versions of the mod apps.

Now follow the following steps when you start downloading.

Step 1: Download and install the Kinemaster mod APK on your android.

Step 2: Now move to set on your android and manage Kinemaster app.

Step 3: Open this mobile app and click the data usage.

Step 4: Now enable background data of Mod APK and simply done.

How to use Kinemaster Mod APK No watermark?

Kinemaster has different versions and each version has different features. In this article, we will guide you on the basic tools and usage of Kinemaster Mod APK. Kinemaster has different components, we will discuss them one by one.

Kinemaster Action Bar

The action bar is also known as the main menu of Kinemaster. Action bars can be seen on the left side of the menu. The main task is executing on action bar when video is editing. In action bar, you will get the following keys.

Kinemaster Action Bar

Back key of Kinemaster: Back key of Kinemaster is used to return the main menu.

Undo Key: This key is used to delete the last task of video editing.

Redo Key: This key is used to undo the last item.

Help Section Key: This key is used to help any kind of knowledge you want.

Expand Key: Kinemaster timeline is expanded by using this key.

Kinemaster Jump Key: Jump key is used to jump from one item to another. It is used if you want to jump from the endpoint to a starting point.

Capture Key: This key is used to capturing the video.

Save Key: After capturing the video, save key is used to save the video.

Video editing frame: Screenshot can be taken with the help of a video editing frame.

Delete Key: If you want to delete some part of the video, the delete key can be used for this purpose.

Basic Components of Kinemaster

Now we discuss the basic components of Kinemaster.

Kinemaster Timeline

Kinemaster timeline is the main interface of the user. This is the main interface where video editing takes place. The timeline is divided into two main parts. One is the primary and the other is the secondary timeline.

Media Panel

The media panel is the basic component of Kinemaster. The media panel has all the necessary tools. With the help of these tools, you can easily edit the videos.

Voice Over

This is another important component of Kinemaster. By using this component, you can easily edit your own voice. With the help of this tool, you can get professional video editing. First of all, record the audio with the help of the recording layer then edit this audio into the video. You can easily run your voice according to the video.

Trimming Video on Kinemaster

With the help of Kinemaster, you can easily trim your videos according to your needs. First of all, upload the video you want to trim. After adding the video tap the + sign in the middle of the Kinemaster timeline. Then click the checkmark which is located at the top right corner. For trimming, tap the video from the bottom, when the border turns yellow select the scissor icon which is located at the top left corner.

When you tap on that area trimming option will come. When the option grey out, rotate the video back and forth so that the videos lights up. You can trim and split the video at play head.

Use of Transition Features in Kinemaster

Transition effects are also an important feature in Kinemaster. When you choose the video, you will see the grey square in the middle. If you want to add transitions, click on that grey square. Then select the options of transitions effects available. Choose options according to your requirements like 3D transitions, fun, picture, text, presentation and many more transition effects.

How to add transition effects in videos with kinemaster app

After selecting the transition effects, Checkmark the button which is located at the top left corner. The preview feature is also available if you want to play the video.

Kinemaster Mod APK Variants

There are many variants of Kinemaster Mod APK for download unlocked app for android.

Diamond APK Kinemaster

Their important features are given below:

  • It will be removed watermark.
  • Its theme color is blue.
  • Its unlocked premium feature is also available.
  • It supports multiple layers of videos.
  • Enabled chroma key.
  • It has maximum resolution power for videos.

Transitions effects, Chroma key, multi-track audio, animations, voice recording and addition of multilayers are the important features of the Kinemaster app. We discussed all these features one by one.

Transition Effects

Transition effects are the most common use in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. These effects make the movies fantastic and wonderful. During the film making process, these film transition effects are used for video editing, voice editing, and film editing to combine scenes of the film. Transition effects have many types like zoom in, zoom out, fade in, fade out and many more. Now all these effects are available in your android devices. No need for PC or laptops for this video editing process.

Chroma Key

Chroma key is one of the best and professional features of the Kinemaster pro app. If you want to change the background or back environment in your videos, this feature is fantastic. Chroma key gives the green background for your videos. To change the background, many Hollywood and Bollywood movies use green screen effects. These green screen effects looking very beautiful. This feature is user-friendly. You can easily use this feature on your android devices.

How to Install Kinemaster Chroma Key [Green Screen]


The animation is also an important feature for editing videos in Kinemaster pro. When you edit your video Kinemaster pro gives you a variety of video animation. You can also download various effects and animations from external sources.

Multitrack audio

This app allowed you to play multi-track audio. This app is mostly used when you want to play rap songs or combined music to play.

Voice recording

Voice recording is an important feature in Kinemaster MOD APK. It allows recording audio and voice-over add to any video. If you want to make a motional video, this feature is best for this purpose. After editing the video, voice-over is also added. For this purpose, the mic icon is available. So, press the mic icon button and record your voice. When you complete the voice, recording press the stop button. When the mic is on green light is flashing.

After adding the voice-over green light appears red. It has some additional options like voice filter, trim, review and records the video.

Add Multiple Layers

The addition of multiple layers also supports to add video, image, text and handwritten layers.

Video layer: Tap and open the video on the media browser. After it selects the video from your media browser and adds it as a video layer.

Image layer: Tap and open the image on the media browser. After it selects the image from your media browser and adds it as an image layer.

Sticker layer: Tap and open the stickers on the media browser. After it selects the sticker from your media browser and adds it as a sticker layer.

Text layer: Tap and open the text on the media browser. After it selects the text from your media browser and adds it as a text layer.

Handwritten layer: Tap and open the handwritten documents on the media browser. After it selects the handwritten text from your media browser and adds it as a handwritten layer.

Download Kinemaster V3 Mod

For download Mod V3, it is very necessary to have a smartphone for the running of apps. But it is highly recommended that to turn off data when you using this app. To restrict data, you have to need to use the “No root firewall app”. You can easily download this app from google play store.

For cinematic VFX effects, chroma-key gives a green color screen in the background of this app. It looks like a complete computer video editing software.

Lite unlocked Kinemaster APK

It is a lightweight unlocked Kinemaster APK app. Its original version consumes a lot of energy and storage. If your android phone is slow and its RAM is low, this app may not be working properly. So, for the smooth running of the app, its lightweight Mod version is available.

This Kinemaster app has all features like multi-layer videos, no watermark, Wife effects, 3D effects, chroma key, and fade effects. This Mod version of this app is very light. So, this app easily runs in low RAM, less storage capacity and minimum range of the battery.

Prime APK Kinemaster

Prime APK Kinemaster app is a premium version of the original Kinemaster app. The prime app is the paid version of the Kinemaster app. For use of prime APK, it is necessary to first download the Kinemaster app from google play store and then download its prime paid version.

Kinemaster APK V8 Mod

V8 Mod is the advanced version of Kinemaster APK. It has unlocked features without a watermark. V8 app has all features like multi-layer videos, no watermark, Wife effects, 3D effects, chroma-key, trimming, cutting, and fade effects. V8 is the advanced version of this app, so, no need to pay for this advanced version. This app is similar to the unlocked version of the Kinemaster app without any watermark.

Lite Chroma Key Kinemaster APK

It is the lite variant version of Kinemaster with chroma key. If you want to edit your videos with a green screen background, the lite chroma key Kinemaster app is best for this purpose. This key gives you a chance to add VFX effects into your images and videos. The Chroma app is installed along with the original version of the Kinemaster app. So, the addon is added to use for this editor app.

Chroma Key Kinemaster Installation Method

Before the installation of chroma key Kinemaster, it is necessary to remove or uninstall all versions of the Kinemaster app. Install 4.1.1 and 4.1.3 prime mod of chroma key for free and enjoy the latest version of this app.

Kinemaster APK supported formats

Kinemaster APK app supported the following formats for android devices.

  • MP4 video formats: Baseline H.264 main high profile + AAC LC supported
  • MP3 Audio formats: MP3, AAC, M4A supported
  • Image formats: PNG, JPG

How to fix the problems on your Kinemaster Mod APK?

How to Fix KineMaster issues

During installation and usage, if you face any problem on your Kinemaster Mod APK, please follow the following instructions. This paragraph is very helpful to fix all the issues.

Exporting Video Error on Android

  • Update the latest version of this app and download the above page.
  • When you export videos, try to avoid the use of any screen recorder software. Because using screen recorder software during exporting videos it makes some complications of Kinemaster APK.
  • Kinemaster works only on video encoder hardware. If you used any other video encoder, the process of exporting videos may be failed.

How to fix Codec Init failed error?

Due to a lack of hardware compatibility, the wrong detection of android resolution and bad software performance may cause this error. We can fix this issue by following the following steps.

  • Reboot or restart the android device.
  • After the rebooting process, open the Kinemaster app.
  • Go to settings and open it.
  • Check device software performance and capability information.
  • In the top right corner, tap the three-dotted buttons.
  • To check the hardware performance, run the hardware performance analysis. This process takes five minutes so please wait for five minutes until an analysis is complete.
  • After complete the all steps, reboot the system again.

Kinemaster Mod APK Download [Updated Version]

Get Kinemaster Mod Apk


Q.1: What is Kinemaster Mod APK?

Kinemaster mod APK is an android app used for video editing without watermark. It is a fully unlocked mobile app. It is a fully professional app for android for editing a multi-layer of videos, text, and images. You can get multi layers audios and videos, 3D transitions, effects, chroma key and volume control without any watermark.

Q.2: What is meant by MOD APK?

MOD means modded or modified form of Kinemaster APK. It is the latest or modified version of APK. It has better and unlocks features. APK means the Android application package.

Q.3: What is meant by Kinemaster Pro?

Kinemaster is a professional, no watermark video editing app for android devices. It has a variety of features that are used to edit and cut different kinds of videos, texts, effects and 3D transitions.

Q.4: Is watermark available on Kinemaster video editor?

Its free version gives watermark on videos but the premium version has not any watermark. You can easily edit videos without watermark.

Q.5: How can remove the watermark on Kinemaster?

After subscription to the Kinemaster, the watermark is automatically removed. Its premium version can be purchased and after sharing a project watermark may be removed automatically.

Q.6: Kinemaster app can be used on laptops?

It is basically an android app. For PC or laptops, the Kinemaster premium or standard version is not available.

Q.7: What is watermark?

Watermark is like a sign or logo which is used to identify the owner of a member. It is like a video, audio and image signals. These signals used to identify the owner of copyright signals.

Q.8: How can you activate Kinemaster app in your android phones?

To activate Kinemaster, it is necessary to make an account on your android. When you create your account, you will receive a promotional code. Enter promotional code into your account for login. About my account screen is opened and simply press the activate button.


Kinemaster Mod APK is basically designed for android phones. It is an android video editor. On laptops and PC windows it can never get. Its premium feature can edit and download videos without any watermark. So, due to no watermark, there is no issue of copyrights. You can download this app very easily with the help of the link. With the help of Kinemaster 3.1 pro, you can easily edit the videos, your projects and allowing the screen to split up and after-effects.

Today we know that video editing is the fastest growing network for all media information. Not every person has PC or laptops but 90 percent of people have android phones to editing the videos. So, we introduced the Kinemaster MOD APK for those people who have not PC or laptops for editing, cutting, trimming the videos and images.