5 Best Android Video Editor for your Smartphone in 2021

Video editing is considered as a tough job to do, especially when you are inexperienced and when you do not have the proper tool. A simple task can hours to get completed. To make a classy video, you would be needing a quality pair of lenses to catch the worthwhile moments as they are. Besides this you will also be needing a heavy storage to store those clicks and a working Ram to process them smoothly. But with the developing world of technology we have android apps that can make the above mentioned processes easier than ever before.

Because of shortage of time and money, you cannot always hire some expert to do this in your regard. And it also happens that your want to save some sudden shot in a good edited video. Phone are not designed to do that photography or video editing which can compete or even standoff in front of Final Cut Pro or Adobe premier pro, so they do not have that much lenses and power. However, some application in phones can do that basic photography and video editing pretty well.

That quality is enough to save your precious moments in interactive videos and even can be used for some basic vlogging. There are many applications that can provide you the best video editing and photography experience. Some of the best applications are listed below:

  • Action Director
  • Adobe premier rush
  • Kine Master
  • Filmora Go
  • Funimate
  • In Shot
  • Movie Maker Filmmaker
  • Power Director
  • Quik
  • Viva Video


KineMaster is found in top of the list among the best video editor on internet.  It can perform om many tasks just by a simple download. It can recreate and merge videos, images, and effect layers. It also has audio filters that are specially designed to increase the audio ability and quality of sound in a video. It also provides video effects to make look attractive, chroma keys, and many more.


Some of the key features of this application are listed below:

  • It has a color adjustment tool which designed to adjust and enhance the quality of videos and pictures.
  • It give access to directly share your vides and picture on social media sites. Such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • It enables the users to blend different colors and modes to get the best effects.
  • You an add your voiceovers, voice changers and background music to your documentaries, presentations and many more.
  • It comprises the best editing tools to crop, splice and trim your video.
  • The speed motion of this application is used to make slow motion videos and time lapse.
  • It has a keyframe animation tool designed to add motion to the layers of video at the time of editing.
  • It enables you to export heavy files into readable form.
  • It also have an assets store, which act a library for authority free clip graphics, transitions, font, and music to use them in your video.

KineMaster should be your best choice every kind of video editing. It also have premium version which you avail in just $4. Why to still keep reading. Download now by clicking the link below:



ActionDirector stand on number two in the position of the best video editors. it is designed for the basic video editing on booth phones and PC. I enable the user to manipulate its tool to create a masterpiece by importing graphics and music. It can merge picture and cropped video on the point you want and, on the music, you choose or desire. It also has a premium version which most cost $4. It is properly connected to google play which means it keep n updating by the company itself.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Inc. provide two video editors in mobile for video editing. First is Adobe premier rush and the second is the Adobe premier clip, but the former is considered good as compared with the first one. It comes with many astonishing features that will attract you to pay for it paid version.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Some f the features include multitrack-timelines, advanced editing tools, option for cloud syncing which save a lot of space from your back. You do not have to buy extra storages for videos. Although some work is still needed to be done on this application, including the removal of some bugs and some changes in the UI work.


Wondershare is the known as the best company to provide apps with astonishing features. FilmoraGo is also a project of this company. Although it is the most expensive in its category but the facilities it provides are worthwhile. Its subscription costs about $8 a month. Out of many exciting features, some are listed below:

  • Allows the user to play in reverse.
  • You can also do or create screen videos in square of different size to use them like facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube.
  • Slow motion capture.

Filmore give you the user experienced just alike with in PC. Yet it cost can be a problem some time but most of the work can be done absolutely free.


InShot is a premium service provider having comparatively lesser subscription rates than the competitors. It has made the basic video editing for the new persons or in experienced users much easier that they can just take their mobiles out and the work is done by falling simple operation in the app.

Download InShot PRO Apk for Android

This app can make its compatibility with the users to make multiple videos and audio channels. The tools such as the cropping tools, selection of music, themes, effects, and various other operations are made much easier for the new users. It also has built in sticker pack speed control system which has made this app a priority by millions of users worldwide. This app can make videos use in social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram in no time.

If I am going to make a choice among these apps, I would definitely prefer KineMaster as my video editor.

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