Kinemaster Prime Apk 2021 | Download latest Version on Android Devices

Kinemaster Prime Apk

Kinemaster Prime Apk is the finest and novel video editing app in the world now days. It has major benefits than any other video editing app. Users can create their own videos through this apk. This tool is specifically designed as the easiest tool for the beginners. It gives amazing results when the users make their videos beautiful.

Kinemaster Prime Apk is the mod version of official Kinemaster apk. The official version is easily available on the Google play store and is free to download. But the watermark appears in the videos when users want to publish their videos by editing with the Kinemaster apk. This is annoying for the users.


Users can capture their important and special moments and make their own specially edited videos by joining the videos and pictures. They can add many visual effects, filters, transitions etc. Kinemaster Prime Apk also gives users the special tools which are used by professionals.

When the users download their videos, then it is downloaded with the Kinemaster watermark which is very annoying for the users. If the users want to remove this watermark, then Kinemaster requires subscription for further usage. It has monthly subscription and yearly subscription which is not free and this thing tends to make the users very uncomfortably.

Users can share their videos instantly on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram etc. The best and most important part of this app is that user can run this app easily on low ram mobile devices like 256 MB and low processors chipset.

It’s a great opportunity for the users who want to convert their pictures into beautiful videos. This apk allows the users to customize the themes by adjusting colors, adding different styles of writing etc. on videos.

Users who want to download the Kinemaster Prime Apk on their devices must install firstly Kinemaster Apk on their devices.

Kinemaster Prime Apk has many special features which make this tool special and different from other apps. 


Multi-layered Videos

Videos can be edited by using this apk. Users can edit their videos in multiple layers; they can add music, transition effects also.

Unlimited Effects

Users can get many visual effects as well as the sound mixing options, unlimited videos effects, appealing stickers, images and different contents of handwritings.

No Watermark

The official version of Kinemaster has the watermark in its videos and it really annoys the users. Users remove this watermark by purchasing the monthly and yearly subscription. But Kinemaster Prime Apk, on the other hand, has no watermark in its videos. Now the users can easily create their videos, edit their videos without any watermark.

Completely Free To Use

Kinemaster Prime Apk is completely free to use and the users can edit their videos in any style and effects what they want. There is no any subscription required in this prime apk.

Supports All Android Devices

The Kinemaster Prime Apk supports all type of Android devices. The android devices which have the android version up to 5.0 support Kinemaster apk and its all updated features.

Mesmerizing Effects

This apk contains the all special effects which can make the videos very mesmerizing. Different visual effects and sounds make the videos great.

Asset Store

Kinemaster Prime Apk has also the asset store from where the users get the copyright different images as well as background sounds for their videos

Audio Filters

Users can also get the different voice filters, audio filters with different voice changers. They can change the voice of their videos easily and trimmed the videos in perfection. Users can add the various voices of different animals, machines etc.

Control Speed

For editing, Kinemaster prime Apk has added it’s another great feature in this app.  Users can change the speed settings of their videos easily and play them in any speed in which speed they want to play.

Reverse Video Option

In this apk, users also have the option to play their videos in reverse direction. They can play their videos also in reverse direction and it gives a very unique look to their videos.

Instant Preview

Users can preview their videos anytime when they want to see. This feature can help the users how their videos are looking and it make user’s task easy.

Animation Effects

The Prime version provides users the animation technology in which they can easily add animation effects and stickers so that the users can make outstanding videos.

3D Effects

First time, any video editing tool has been added with the feature of 3D transition tool. In this tool, users can add transition effects with 3D dimensions like fade in and fade out.

Share Videos to Social Media

Users can share their editing videos to direct on Social Media apps like facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. This option has added in the prime version only.

Control Bar

On the left of the app screen, users can see the control bar which has the undo button. Project settings feature also added in this prime apk version in which users can adjust their the video, audio arrangement.

Supported Formats

The Kinemaster Prime Apk supports the different audio and video formats, which are as follows:

Video Formats

  • 3GP
  • MP4
  • MOV

Audio Formats

  • MP3
  • M4A
  • AAC
  • WAV

Image Formats

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • WEBP

These are the all formats of video, audio and picture which supports the Kinemaster prime Apk version. Users must have one of these formats to edit their special videos and audio.


Kinemaster Prime Apk Details

Apk Name Kinemaster Prime Apk
Apk Size 28 MB
Version V4.16.5
Android Version 5.0 and up

Kinemaster Prime Apk Download Latest Version

You can download the Latest Version of Kinemaster Prime Apk from the given link

Download Kinemaster Prime

How to Install Kinemaster Prime Apk:

  • Firstly, users have to enable all the unknown sources by going to settings and look for security on the android device.
  • Users should go to device settings, than security and then permit all unknown sources.
  • After this, find the Apk file which has downloaded in the device.
  • Tap the file and click install on this.
  • Now, the installation is complete. You can now enjoy your favourite apk on your device.

Download and Install Kinemaster Prime Apk in PC via Android Emulator

This apk is mainly introduced for the android users, but it can be downloaded and installed on the PC.  Users have to install android emulator in the PC first and then download the Kinemaster Prime Apk on the PC.

Kinemaster is not introduced for the PC users, but it can be installed via Emulator. Users firstly downloaded the Android Emulator first and then install apk version. The total procedure is given as follows:

  • Firstly, download the Android Emulator in PC
  • Download and Install BluteStacks
  • Bluestacks Emulator is now day’s very popular and most trusted emulator in the market. It allows the Apk to download and install in PC through it.
  • After the download and installation of Bluestacks Emulator, search the Kinemaster on this. The Bluestacks Emulator will protect your PC and user’s PC will work like android device.
  • Download the Kinemaster apk in PC and install this.
  • Now, enjoy Kinemaster Prime Apk on your PC.

There is another way of downloading Kinemaster in your PC which is going to be share:

Users can also download Kinemaster apk in their Pc by using Nox Player which is another Android Emulator. This will help the users how to install any android game in PC.

  • Download first the NOX Player in your PC.
  • Install Nox Player in your PC.
  • After this, search Kinemaster Apk in Nox Player and download it.
  • Install the Kinemaster Apk on your PC and enjoy the android game in PC.

These are the ways through which users can enjoy Kinemaster Prime Apk on their Android devices and PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

1). Is Kinemaster Prime Apk free?

Yes, this apk is completely free to use and it has all updated features with great textures and styles.

2). What is Chroma Key?

Chroma key is advanced feature of Kinemaster apk. It relates to the background, green background appears on the back of the videos. By using the Chroma key, users can easily remove the green background from their videos.

3). Can I use the Kinemaster apk on PC without emulator?

No. You cannot use Kinemaster apk on your PC without Android Emulator. You have to install any of the above mentioned Android Emulator on your PC.

4). Which devices support the Kinemaster apk?

Users can install this apk on android devices having version 5.0 or more. Devices having android version low than 5.0 cannot supports Kinemaster apk.


It is the best video editing tool for all users specially the beginners. It’s all updated features give the users great and fresh look. Their extraordinary features help users to create their own videos in more astonishing and more beautiful ways. Prime version helps users to excel their video making qualities very well. If you compare this apk with others, you will definitely find this apk better than others.

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